Welcome to TLC Chow Rescue

Hello my name is Larry Harris and I am privileged to be the president of TLC Chow Rescue. My wife, Terrina and I are high school sweet hearts married just out of school. Been well overĀ 40 years two kids, 8 grandchildren 1 great grandbaby later and we are in our 2nd childhood. We are living a dream we have both had for a very long time. We are rescuing and caring for Chows and Chow mixes although in our eyes they are the same, a Chow.

We have a house full of dogs, cats and a few fish. We are never without excitement. It is a blessing to work with all of the dogs that have touched out lives, each and every one has been different.

We are frequently asked “How can you let them go?” we answer how can we not? No our hearts are not made of stone, we cry every time our charges leave us for their forever home. If we didn’t let them go sadness or not then how can we help the next one. There as so many Chows in need.


Larry and Terrina Harris

Mission Statement
TLC Chow Rescue A 501c3 Organization

TLC Chow Rescue works to raise the public’s awareness on the plight of homeless Chow Chows as well as realizing the benefits of adopting a discarded pet in need. We offer temporary refuge, training and medical care of at risk Chows in shelters or surrendered from private homes. Rescuing Chows from these conditions will aid in reducing the number of abused, unwanted or euthanized pets. We will accomplish this mission by working together as volunteers, involving and educating the community, with the goal of placing these chows in safe, loving forever homes

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