Donations To Help Save Rusty

strong>Rusty Needs You! Please help with a donation and prayers!

Julie Wiggins tells us this is my favorite picture of him. He is so good with dogs and children! And in every picture of him playing, he is on his back. Totally submissive
Hi, all. Julie, thank you so much for your never-ending patience with Rusty. You are his angel on earth, for sure! I know Rusty and his human foster family would benefit from some training sessions. I also know you feel his teeth need to be checked (will be a task for a vet at this point) and grooming has not happened yet. I also know you’re feeling a financial burden having taken another a 3rd rescue, which was not your intent. So, thank you for all you’re doing. Please don’t think it’s going unnoticed or ignored. Deb and I were visiting last evening and we’d love to get donations for Rusty’s care. Larry, since it’s tax deductible through the rescue, do you happen to have an idea of when this might be able to be operational? I know you have much going on and I don’t mean to be a pest. I just know that Julie is having some issues with Rusty. How can we help to facilitate this?
Rusty is a dear and beautiful boy who loves his foster family. Without rescue foster care, damaged but wonderful souls like Rusty would be left to die–as many are (a harsh reality of which we’re all too keenly aware). Rusty is blessed to have dedicated people behind him, for the first time in his young life.


Rusty Needs You! Please help with a donation and prayers.


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