Meet The Chow Chow


Definitely one of the most impressive of all breeds, the Chow Chow is an awesome creature with his lion-like appearance and regal manner. Looking a little like a cross between a lion and a bear, the true origin of the Chow is unknown and lost deep within Chinese antiquity. The Chow as it is known today is easily recognizable in pottery and sculptures of the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC to 22 AD); other artifacts indicate that he was even a much older breed and may have come originally from the Arctic Circle, migrating to Mongolia, Siberia and China.

Perhaps, the most unique feature of the Chow is the blue-black color of the tongue and tissues of the mouth, a characteristic that the Chow shares with only a few other mammals,
including another ancient breed of dog with Chinese origins, the Shar Pei.

This all-purpose dog of China was used for hunting, herding, pulling and protection of the home. While primarily a companion today, his working origin must always be remembered when assessing true Chow type.

Keen intelligence, an independent spirit and innate dignity give the Chow an aura of aloofness. It is a Chow’s nature to be reserved and discerning with strangers.
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